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Guest Comments


Now that we are back in the rainy, cold north, Renee & I just wanted to thank you for making our trip such a success. Your sincere hospitality, local knowledge, culinary expertise, navigational command and British humor all contributed to a wonderful experience from which we are still recovering. Let me second Tad’s invitation if ever you find your way in the wilds of North Jersey/New York. Thank you again.


I just wanted to send you a note telling you what an incredible time we had on the Grand Cru last week in the BVI. Prior to our trip, I had heard from friends that had been on a BVI charter that this would be “our best family vacation ever.”  As a result, we arrived in Tortola last week with pretty high expectations.  It is an understatement to say that Bobbi and Peter blew those expectations away.  From the communications we received prior to our arrival to their waving goodbye as our taxi left , Bobbi and Peter took unbelievable care of us.  We had three generations on board, and they managed to find activities that kept everyone happy.  Even more impressive are Bobbi’s culinary skills…although I fear the downside is that I will be hearing for a long time to come that nothing served at home measures up to her preparations!  They showed us many of the amazing sites that the BVI have to offer, but most important, they made us feel comfortable and at ease the moment we stepped onto the boat.  We can’t thank them enough for what was truly “the best family vacation we have ever had,” and I’m sure that the owners of Grand Cru already know how fortunate they are to have Bobbi and Peter as hosts for crewed charters.  Thanks again for everything.

Marie-Elena & Scott M. & Clair & Barbara R.

Thank you for a wonderful week in Paradise! The cooking was excellent! Bobbi’s presentation and flair shows how much she loves what she does. Peter is a great skipper! Sailing this week was “fantastic” thanks to his evident expertise. It was great to see how you both worked together in the galley and on deck. We will definitely request you on our next sailing trip.

Teri & Doug

Thanks again for such a GREAT vacation.  You guys were so fun to be with and really made our vacation special.  We did get back to Park City safely but it was 19 degrees on Sunday morning.  Pretty hateful after such a great trip to BVI. Is there somewhere we can comment on your website or write to the owners of the boat on how terrific you were? Safe sailing and thanks again. xoxo

Peter has great local knowledge, is a terrific sailor and a fun personality. Bobbie’s food presentations were worthy of being photographed and the cooking was out of the world, a truly wonderful experience. This was our 8th crewed yacht experience (over 20 years) and it was the best, due in most part to the crew. I understand that Peter and Bobbi are coming up to 100 charters and I am sure this puts them into a rare category. Don’t let them go!

Mike and Andreas

Just a quick note to let you know we got home safely and that we already miss your incredible hospitality on Grand Cru. It was a remarkable vacation, in large part because we had the best crew ever! Thank you again for creating such an amazing experience for all of us.

Steve and Paula

I am working on a video remembrance of our trip and will send you a copy as soon as I am done. As I reflect on the trip I realize that although it may be one of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth, it would be nothing without the people.   You, the “Grand Crew,” made it what it was and for that we will be eternally grateful.   Remember you will always have a welcoming port and grateful friends in Connecticut if your travels take you north. Happy Sailing.


Many thanks for a trip of a lifetime. You guys were the greatest. I never knew such a beautiful place existed on this earth.  We were fortunate to be brought along with Tessa and Jeff, and even luckier to have the two of you as our crew.  Can’t wait to come back again someday.


Great sailing, wonderful food, beautiful snorkeling, comfortable boat, excellent crew – what more can be said? Thanks.

Sue S.

We did it. Jim and Ann Marie will never be able to go back on a Cruise Ship.  They loved our Cat trip.  So did Fran and Alan and of course, Joe and I.   All of us loved our trip, the company, the food, the boat, and of course our host and hostess. We love going over our pictures and reliving the entire experience. We have everyone here in Port St Lucie, Florida jealous. We hope you both are well.

Peter, Tereza, Alexia and Gabriella

Thanks for a really wonderful trip around the BVI. It has been exceedingly hard for us to get back in the swing of things here in D.C. as our bodies are here but our minds are still sailing, snorkeling, eating and relaxing in the BVI. A real high point for us was getting to know you both and we greatly appreciate everything you did to make our trip fun, memorable and a great family experience. We hope that your return trip and turnaround went well and that you have had plenty of smooth sailing since we left. Attached is a fine photo of our fearless captain and his fabulous partner in high seas hospitality for your enjoyment. Please accept all our warmest regards and all our most sincere thanks for a great vacation. If you are ever in D.C. please look us up — we can go see the President or play UNO, whatever you like. All the best,

From the owners of Grand Cru, the A’s and the T’s

To have Bobbi and Pete crewing our yacht is like sailing with friends (which they are now!), except that we have NO friends who are such competent sailors. And when we try our hand at sailing, we learn from the masters. We love every minute of our charters!

Yet again, Bobbi’s provisioning and gourmet cooking amazed us.  Although we have been on charter with Bobbi and Pete 15 times now (in some combination of owners and family) the dining is always special and original.  And…Bobbi and Pete ALWAYS work especially hard at fulfilling any and all of our special requests. We are always impressed at how immaculate and in perfect condition our yacht is. We are well aware of how special they treat our boat…just as if it were theirs. We are greatly appreciative, for we know the Grand Cru has held maximum value due to their care.


I want to rank my crewed catamaran trip a 10 out of 10, and label it the “best vacation of my life.”!!!  We were aboard Grand Cru with Peter and Bobbi, January 22-29.  They could not have been more accommodating.  They both were sincerely interested in us seeing, and doing, what we had in mind.  Bobbi’s meals I would rank as 5 stars!  Some of the best sauces I have had in my life!  Each meal and dessert was impressive and delicious!!!  You can tell they both love what they are doing, so I wanted to let the management know that I am telling all my friends that my vacation was outstanding because of how Peter and Bobbi took care of us, and the boat!